DigiCare (Warranty) Senior Supervisor

Job description

● Ensure processing of complaints.

● Ensure reports and documentation are prepared.

● Ensure those customer warranty requirements are available and understood.

● Participate in customer and supplier meetings.

● Ensure series claims are handled.

● Ensure that contract management, contract review, and contract negotiations are completed.

● DSCs and ASCs management.

● Monitor the performance of suppliers.

● Monitor warranty service financial issues (Invoices, Fund, Income, etc.)

● Warranty service planning.

● Carrying out all coordination with the Union, CPO, importer's association, and other relevant government agencies.

Job requirements

● Bachelor's degree in a technical field or 3 years of related experience.

● 5 years in a supervisory or management role.

● Practical applied experience and/or certifications in quality technology disciplines such as Six Sigma, Kaizen.

● Strong numerical analysis skills and training required.

● Solid interpersonal verbal and written communication skills are required.