Brand Sales Specialist - Mobile

Job description

Develop and maintaining long term strategic relationship with key sellers/suppliers
Manage Brand profitability by measuring and managing seller contribution Vs. RT/INT target & inventory
Collecting and analyzing data to report relevant brands on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
Developing a complete understanding of key account needs
Managing communications between key sellers/suppliers and internal teams
Strategic planning to improve sellers’ results
Build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication with the brands.
Deliver on time reporting and forecasting for all required reports and documents to appropriate parties

Managing local/international Po & all the relevant follow ups in terms of warehouse capacity, Delivery, Inbound process & document sharing for the payment on the due date

Alignment with VDs and CMs regarding sales and ordering

Managing the reporting process with supplier and vendors based on agreed farm work

Feeding VDs and CMs regarding Product and market trends

Exploring to find new Product and Supplier based on market demand




Bachelor’s Degree in Business or any other related field
Excellent negotiation skills
Vision to understand seller needs and translate them in to practical solutions
Disciplined time management and ability to work under pressure
Excellent team working and team developing ability
Exceptional software skills and knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint)
strong communication skills - verbal and written both English and Farsi
Problem analysis and problem-solving