Planning & Reporting Manager

Job description

Planning & Reporting Manager is responsible for managing the financial planning and forecasting process, strategic planning and delivering insight through management reporting and analysis ensuring that this evolves to meet the needs of the business.


  • Apply a range of data analysis techniques to enable senior managers to have a detailed understanding of the effectiveness of actions, potential risks and potential lines of inquiry that require further review or audit.
  • Develop marketing performance indicators, scorecards and dashboards related to service quality and performance; and work with relevant cross-departmental colleagues to identify methods to collect and analyze such indicators.
  • Develop and maintain a process for gathering, validating, and analyzing performance information relating to corporate plans/strategies, key policies and standards, action effectiveness and risk areas.
  • Lead on developing further a performance and quality driven culture across the marketing through effective leadership, clear illustration of evidence, producing high quality reports, chairing meetings and working closely with marketing teams.
  • Improve understanding of performance management and data analysis across marketing team; providing training, advice and support to departments and teams.
  • Develop a clear and achievable annual work plan that illustrates forthcoming priorities based on analysis of available data and intelligence.
  • Develop a clear understanding of scope and content of performance reports required by Trustees and the Executive Group. Establish a process for creating the reports within the relevant timescales.
  • Identify performance monitoring gaps, clarify the implications of the gaps, and make recommendations as to how the gaps should be addressed.
  • Creating and executing a strong performance marketing strategy & execution plan
  • Managing budgets and campaigns across all digital channels to drive strong return on investment and efficient CAC
  • Ensuring successful planning, execution, optimization for key traffic KPIs via paid, organic & own media channels
  • Working closely with the management to share funnel conversion improvement ideas, feedback & present results
  • Identifying and testing new channels to continue to meet or exceed established critical metrics


  • You have a degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field.
  • You have prior experience in a similar role as well as experience building effective multi-channel marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and other digital channels.
  • You have solid expertise in campaign and channel analysis and reporting.
  • You possess excellent analytical skills and leverage data, metric, analytics and consumer behavior trends to drive actionable insights & recommendations.
  • You are a highly goal-oriented individual and have excellent communication skills.
  • You are open minded, curious and a strong problem solver.