Python Developer

Job description

We are looking for a Python Engineer to join our Cloud team who will play an instrumental part in creating a reliable, feature-rich, and scalable Cloud experience. You will be developing services and algorithms that manage cloud-based products like IaaS, CDN, and Object Storage System to support a large number of internal and external customers. If you are a creative problem solver who is hungry for a new adventure and a great team player, the biggest e-commerce platform in the middle-east is waiting for you.




- 3+ years of experience in professional software development

- Solid development skills in Python, Django and Nameko frameworks

- Experience working in a *nix environment

- Write efficient, easy-to-maintain code of high quality

- Have experience in building modern well designed and tested applications

- Working knowledge of Cloud infrastructures

- Source code management using Git

- Participate in regular code reviews of peers and be open to pairing when necessary

- Implementing proofs of concept, prototypes and production-grade software

- Strong understanding of SOA, Micro-Service Architecture and Event-Driven Design

- Strong understanding of RESTful API design

- Experience with Redis, MySQL, RabbitMQ

- Ability to write efficient low-latency, low-IO code.

- Good understanding of how to prevent intrusions, injections, cheating, etc.

- Familiarity with deployments and CI/CD pipelines and Version Control

- Good Knowledge of OOP, Design Patterns and Caching mechanisms


Big Plus skills:

1. DDD, TDD and Reactive Manifesto

2. ElasticSearch

3. Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins and other DevOps related tools

4. Any meaningful Github repository or contribution to opensource projects