Seller Experience Specialist

Job description

We are seeking a Seller Experience Specialist to assess seller’s journey from order to delivery with a 360 degree view, with responsibilities included but not limited to field research by visiting sellers and Digikala warehouses, seller interviews, establishing channels of seller feedback, monitoring the feedback, understanding seller/business gaps, seller pain points and improvement areas. The candidate is expected to determining seller issues, assist in defining action plans and analyze the results of taken actions with setting to the point metrics (input/output KPIs) with help of relevant departments. This position requires a combination of field research and analytical skills. The candidate should have a strong understanding of seller and warehouse processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assessment of current seller experience via mapping seller journey and defining seller related KPIs.
  • Conducting field research on all Digikala warehouses to collect and record data.
  • Determining the OPS process Issues and offer solutions to improve seller experience
  • Visiting/calling sellers in order to collect key pain points, issues, and suggestions.
  • Analyzing and development of improvement plans based on data collected from the sellers.
  • Collaborating with all team in order to determine seller pain points and development of improvement plans.
  • Assessing outcome of tasks and projects to make sure high sNPS and seller satisfaction.
  • Conducting focus groups with sellers, analyses the collected data and assist in developing improvement plans.
  • Proactive approach in recognizing seller experience gaps and efficient communication to increase sense of urgency among stakeholders.
  • Perfect understanding of working with data and preparing data driven analysis for higher levels of decision making.
  • Understanding, delivering and improving the KPIs that affect seller experience.
  • End to end ownership of projects.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the areas of Management, Finance/Economic, Marketing, Computer science, or any related field.
  • 2+ years’ experience in related field such as Business Analysis, Marketing or R&D.
  • Strong empathy and listening skills.
  • Excellent communication, oral and written skills.
  • Speed, flexibility and agility in doing tasks.
  • Data management and analytics skills.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office software.
  • Proactive, creative, innovative, organized, and accustomed to working on multiple projects under tight deadlines.
  • Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint and be comfortable with collaboration and asset management tools like Google Drive etc.
  • Teamwork and builder approach.
  • Time management.