Seller Performance Marketing Specialist

Job description

We are looking for a Seller Performance Marketing Specialist to join our Seller Marketing team. In this role, You will implement and execute a strategy to create an optimal and efficient mix of online marketing revenue-driving campaigns. You will be responsible for planning, implementing, analyzing, and optimizing all online performance marketing activities around Paid Search, Paid Social, and Paid Media, and also managing Ad networks for acquisition campaigns.


  • Creating, executing, and optimizing digital campaign
  • Implementing programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • Exploring other digital channels & new media
  • Collaborating with the content team & providing data insights.
  • Ad copy-writing, testing, and campaign optimization
  • A/B Testing and iterating on copy, design, landing pages, channels, audiences, etc.
  • Setting up and optimizing Google Analytics goals
  • Extensive reporting & data analysis based on metrics that matter
  • Collaboration with specialists in fields like advertisement, web, email, social media, events, PR, external content creators collaborations, copy-writing, and making sure they're on the same page through the whole campaign process
  • Managing the connection and data transition between the company and ad agencies, next to overseeing their job


  • At least 2 years experience in Performance Marketing
  • Experience in managing Ad Networks for acquisition campaigns
  • Experienced in Collaborated with advertising agencies to create, run and optimize digital campaigns.
  • Hands-on experience in Data Studio and Google Ads and Google Tag Manager
  • Sufficient familiarity with Google ads and Google Analytics
  • Strong analytical skills, data and business understanding
  • Advanced excel skills for data analysis
  • Strong ability to translate metrics into actionable insights and conclusions
  • Sufficient familiarity with mobile marketing concepts
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Familiar with executing integrated marketing campaigns based on market segments and performance analyzing based on Marketing Funnels.