Senior Content Manager

Job description

Digikala Senior Content Manager is in charge of managing all the processes related to producing and moderating (quality control) almost any content on Digikala website especially all the content related to items’ listing and product pages in any types i.e. any type of photos and images, specification, reviews, videos and so on. This person is responsible to make major content strategies regarding DK group objectives.

  • Stay alert, aligned and cooperate with all the other departments (esp. commercial and marketing) of the business considering the goals and key results
  • Develop content strategy that aligns with Marketing, Commercial and Content targets long term and short term.
  • Oversee a content production team's creation and management of targeted content for the company's website
  • Develop a web visual and textual content strategy that encompasses the goals of a company and aligns with the company's image
  • Supervise and plan for content creation and quality assurance processes, strategies, developments
  • Regular check-ins by managers and supervisors to ensure all the actions, projects and strategies are aligned and being progressed timely and efficiently
  • Monitor and manage the daily activities of a content team composed of writers, graphic designers, videographers, and other industry professionals
  • Ensure all the process of production and moderation are legally compliant
  • Stay up-to-date with various developments and generate new ideas to meet the business needs and fill the gaps while taking all the customers and sellers in consideration
  • Be aware of the next big content trends and make strategies regarding the trends
  • Stay abreast of current best practices in the industry and review competitor websites to compare their activities with those of your company
  • Taking part in high-level meetings in order to be aligned with DK group big picture


  • Academic master’s degree in MBA, Industrial engineering or other related fields
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Efficient resource management skills
  • Over five years of managerial role and proven experience in marketing and content fields of premium ecommerce
  • General and technical knowledge in online content marketing concepts and be conversant with global ecommerce trends and practices
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and any soft skill to empower, motivate and manage the staff